Helping you reduce your supermarket and grocery store refrigerant emissions with leak detection and refrigerant management

With the food retail industry’s low profit margins, reducing costs can be more powerful for the bottom line than increasing sales. One ideal opportunity for cost reduction is to cut down on refrigerant emissions.

Your 24 hour, 7 day a week operation needs to run smoothly and efficiently so you can provide consistently high quality produce. This means having your refrigeration equipment keeping a constant temperature, whatever the demand. With refrigeration accounting for around 60% of energy use in supermarkets, it’s important to ensure the equipment is working at an optimal efficiency. Efficiency drops when equipment leaks and requires more energy to perform correctly, it also runs the risk of failing and causing the stock to spoil. It’s therefore essential for you to catch refrigerant emissions as early as possible, ensuring the cost does not spiral out of control.

The average refrigerant emission rate for grocery stores is estimated to be 25% per year. Best practice implementations can currently achieve emission rates of 7%. As the cost of refrigerant rises, this has an increasing effect on an organization’s profit. For an organization operating at 1% margin, saving $10,000 in refrigerant re-charge is the equivalent to generating $1,000,000 of revenue. So what can you do about lowering your refrigerant emissions? Take up our offer a FREE consultation and we will help you on your way to becoming leaders in refrigerant management and leak detection.

Leak detection

To reduce your refrigerant emissions, you need to find your leaks. That’s where Bacharach’s leading refrigerant detection equipment can help which can detect emissions up to 1ppm. This means you can catch leaks early-on especially in large areas where air movement can often diffuse the refrigerant beyond detection ranges. From the pinpoint, portable accuracy of the PGM-IR to the reliable fixed monitoring of the Multi-Zone, you can be sure that your refrigerant investment is protected, as well as your inventory, employees, and customers. Request your FREE consultation and learn more about how we can help.

Refrigerant management

Parasense from Bacharach puts you in control of refrigerant management across your organization, from detailed single site analysis to full enterprise reporting. This gives you industry leading refrigerant tracking and management tools to help you reduce operating costs, gain legislation compliance and become leaders in sustainability and efficiency. With the inclusion of Bacharach’s leak detection equipment, you can be automatically notified of your supermarket or grocery store’s refrigerant emissions rates in an instant. For further advice and support, request your FREE consultation now.

Regulatory compliance

Legislation such as EPA 608, CARB and F-Gas require refrigeration equipment owners to keep robust records of the use of refrigerants, including the type and amount of each refrigerant in each piece of equipment, as well as the repair of identified leaks within a specified timeframe. For multiple site supermarkets this can be a complex process that involves people at multiple locations, as well as repair and service contractors, managing refrigerant usage with spreadsheets on this scale is not a realistic option. Bacharach’s Parasense solution gives you peace of mind for tracking refrigeration assets, refrigerant usage, and leak repairs, all  securely accessible anywhere and at any time.

Safety compliance

The ability to detect refrigerant leaks early and quickly initiate alarm systems helps to protect staff and customers alike, achieving compliance with safety standards like ASHRAE 15, CSA-B52 and EN 378. Bacharach’s MGS-400 Series Gas Detectors make compliance with refrigeration safety codes simple and easy, saving time and money on equipment and installation. For further information about how your refrigerant safety compliance, request your FREE consultation now.

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