Fall Heating Season Savings!

Bacharach is celebrating the start of the fall heating season with some fantastic rebate offers! From August 21 - December 31, purchase any qualifying InTech, INSIGHT Plus, or PCA3 and choose from one of our exclusive rebate offers, including:

  • Cash Back
  • Free B-Smart Sensor Exchange Program Subscription
  • Free Reporting Kit (Free reporting kit not available for InTech)

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Bacharach combustion analyzers


Pre-Calibrated Sensors

Reliable, accurately calibrated sensors are an essential part of combustion analysis, but sending your instrument in for calibration costs you time, which costs you money.

Bacharach’s exclusive B-Smart Sensor Exchange Program eliminates instrument downtime by sending you pre-calibrated, plug-and-play sensors at pre-determined intervals. Never miss out on another furnace job because your analyzer isn’t calibrated. The B-Smart program automatically sends you calibrated sensors at pre-determined dates, taking care of your sensor maintenance for you. Just replace your sensor, and send the old one back to us in the included pre-paid envelope. That’s B-Smart!


The On-Demand HVAC Assistant

Bacharach’s INSIGHT® Plus comes packaged with Tune-Rite®, the industry’s first on-demand HVAC assistant. Tune-Rite can help anyone – from the newly graduated technician to the seasoned contractor – save money by making more thorough and efficient service calls.

Tune-Rite watches the analysis process along with you, and determines if the system is operating within acceptable parameters. If it is, Tune-Rite will show you. If not, Tune-Rite will make helpful troubleshooting recommendations so you can efficiently adjust the system as needed.

Reporting App

How Does a Reporting App Help Me?

The Bacharach Reporting App makes it quick and easy to transfer your combustion data into the real world. With your INSIGHT® Plus or InTech® combustion analyzer, you can generate a QR code then scan it with your mobile device using the Reporting App. From there you can view, save and email the data – all at the touch of a button. Save up to 100 records to your mobile device, any of which can be used to generate customized reports.

The Bacharach Reporting App is available on the Google Play Store and Apple AppStore.

Fyrite InTech Logo

The InTech® is perfect for entry-level and residential HVAC-R technicians for in-home furnace inspections. The InTech performs a complete combustion analysis test tuned to any of six pre-installed fuel sources covering a wide range of applications. Take the guess work out of combustion testing with an actual efficiency reading from Bacharach's Fyrite® InTech.

Rebate Offers

  • $25 Cash Back
  • 2-Year B-Smart Sensor Exchange Program Subscription - $199 Value
Fyrite InTech with Reporting Kit
Fyrite INSIGHT Plus with Reporting Kit
Fyrite INSIGHT Plus Logo

The Insight® Plus is the perfect tool for busy residential and light-commercial technicians who need to ensure safe operating conditions and determine combustion efficiency. The Insight Plus is the next step up from a basic combustion analyzer, allowing for the measurement of ambient air temperature and with draft pressure.

Rebate Offers

  • $50 Cash Back
  • 2-Year B-Smart Sensor Exchange Program Subscription - $199 Value
  • INSIGHT Plus Reporting Kit (IRdA Printer and Fyrite User Software) - $330 Value
PCA3 Logo

The PCA®3 is Bacharach's most powerful portable combustion analyzer. Designed for commercial and light industrial use, the PCA3 is perfect for boilers, engines and generators. With the option to install up to 4 sensors simultaneously, including NO2 and SO2, the PCA3 is the workhorse of the industry.

Rebate Offers

  • $100 Cash Back
  • 3-Year B-Smart Sensor Exchange Program Subscription - $349 Value
  • PCA3 Reporting Kit (IRdA Printer and Fyrite User Software) - $330 Value
PCA3 with Reporting Kit

Get Your Rebate Form

Fill out the form at the top of this page to download the rebate form. Fill in your information, select your requested rebate offer and send it back to us by January 31, 2017. Rebate forms can be filled in electronically and emailed to promos@mybacharach.com, or printed and mailed to Bacharach Fall Heating Season Savings, 621 Hunt Valley Circle, New Kensington, PA 15068 USA.

This promotion is eligible only for residents of the United States, Canada, the District of Columbia and Puerto Rico. For other offers, please contact your local representative.