Bacharach’s products have been used effectively throughout Europe to provide simple solutions for small cold store areas. The introduction of the Bacharach EU Power Supply Unit means it’s now even easier to create a simple system to protect your people from hazardous gas leaks in these confined spaces. By combining the EU PSU and MGS-400 series gas detectors and controllers, together with an external sounder beacon.



The 24V power supply provides increased electrical safety with a solid enclosure that is easy to connect. The power supply is universally applicable offering a wide range of supply voltage (85 to 264 VAC) making it compatible with most applications.

Part Number: 1100-1089

Learn more about the EU PSU

Sounder Beacons

Sounder beacons can be safely powered from the same EU PSU and connected MGS-450, ensuring that people outside the room will be alerted of a gas leak before the cold storage room is entered. Bacharach have a range of sounder beacons available, please contact us to find out more.

MGS-450 Gas Detectors

The MGS-450 can be safely used in temperatures down to -40° to +50°C, perfect for small enclosures such as cold storage rooms. What’s more with the option of IP66 rated enclosures, the MGS-450 can be safely used in wash-down areas.

A range of gases and detection ranges are available for the MGS-450 with the most popular being:
CO2: 0-10,000 ppm (part number: 6302-2091) and 0-20,000 ppm (part number: 6302-2092)
R-290: 0-2,500 ppm (part number: 6302-2310) and 0-5,000 ppm (part number:6302-2301)

Extreme Temperature Range
-40° to 122°F (-40° to 50°C)
Flexible Connectivity
Local relays, Modbus communications, and analog output

On-Board AV Alarms

Visual and audible alarm systems
Instant Calibration Reports
PDF reports generated through mobile app
Easy 1-Person Calibration
Calibrate with our mobile app, or use pre-calibrated sensors
Durable Waterproof Design
IP66 rated enclosures
Minimize Wiring
Reduce wiring by up to 90% with digital Modbus
Mobile App
Configuration, calibration, and reporting

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