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Carbon Dioxide (CO2) Gas Detection

The Bacharach MGS-400 series is a comprehensive and flexible solution for CO2 gas detection, consisting of three main components: CO2 sensors, Controllers and an innovative Mobile App. Bacharach’s CO2 gas detection solutions provide continuous CO2 safety monitoring to support regulatory compliance in accordance with EN 378, ASHRAE 15 and CSA B52. However, it is also important to note that specific exposure limits can differ from country to country. For example, in the UK, EH40 guidance sets the Short Term Exposure Limit (STEL) at 15,000ppm and Long Term Exposure Limit (LTEL) at 5,000ppm. Some EU countries, such as Sweden, have the STEL limit set at 10,000ppm. What’s important to know is that whatever the regional requirements are- the MGS-400 series Carbon Dioxide monitors have you covered.

MGS-400 Series Gas Detection

Refrigeration Safety Compliance has never been more intuitive

Bacharach provides innovative solutions designed for extreme temperature refrigeration environments, helping you reduce your Carbon Dioxide refrigerant emissions for Safety Compliance. Suitable for: Machinery Rooms, Walk-in Freezers & Cold Rooms, Industrial Cold Storage, Chiller Rooms.

All Gas Detectors Include:

  • Network Enabled Refrigerant Detection System
  • Integrated Audio-Visual Alarms
  • Multiple Cable Glands
  • Easy to Wire
  • Low Temperature Performance
  • Refrigerant Specific Sensors
  • IP66-rated protection with optional IP41 also available

Mobile App User Interface

Quick, easy and intuitive commissioning, configuration and maintenance requires no special training. No tools required to set alarm levels and behavior. The innovative and intuitive app makes compliance with safety standards easy and effective for your Carbon Dioxide gas detection application.


Convenient Networking Connections for Improved Scalability

The MGS-400 series CO2 detection units have multiple cable glands for convenient wiring connections, helping reduce installation times. Sensors in a system can be daisy-chained for up to 4500 feet. The MGS-408 and 402 system controllers are both Modbus master and slave devices that provide central alarming and power for multiple units as well as aggregated connectivity to a building automation system.

Low Temperature Performance

The MGS-400 series of gas detectors are suitable for use in cold rooms and freezers down to -40°F/C. Temperature compensated measurements also mitigate false alarms and optimizes accuracy in refrigeration applications.

Integrated Audio-Visual Alarms

The on-board audio-visual alarm notifications support the MGS-400 series compliance with ASHRAE 15 and EN 378. Safety guidelines from OSHA PEL, NIOSH REL and ACGIH TLV provide complimentary guidelines for safe CO2 exposure levels as:

Exposure Type Value (ppm)
Threshold Limit Value: 5,000 (0.5%)
Short Term Exposure Limit: 30,000 (3.0%)
Immediately Dangerous to Life and Health: 40,000 (4.0%)

IP66 Rated Protection

The MGS-400 series offers IP66 rated protection, designed for use in areas that are regularly washed down or prone to water or condensation. There is an additional option for IP41 rated protection.

Easy Wiring Access

The MGS-400 gas detectors are designed for easy access to all terminal blocks, and specifically include separate power terminals for in and out connections.

MGS-400 Replaceable Sensor Module

Sensors are easily replaced by twisting out the sensor module and twisting in a new one. Any sensor module can be used in all detectors providing for future-proof re-use should the need for a change in the type of gas detected occur.

Find the Right MGS-400 Series Gas Detector for Your CO2 Installation

MGS-410 MGS-450 MGS-450 MGS-460
Enclosure IP66 IP41 IP66 IP66
Relays - 3 3 3
Communication Modbus Modbus Modbus Modbus
Output - Analog Analog Analog
Sensor Integrated Integrated Integrated Remote
0-5,000ppm CO2 6302-0090 6302-1090 6302-2090 6302-4090
0-10,000ppm CO2 6302-0091 6302-1091 6302-2091 6302-4091
0-20,000ppm CO2 6302-0092 6302-1092 6302-2092 6302-4092
0-30,000ppm CO2 6302-0093 6302-1093 6302-2093 6302-4093
0-40,000ppm CO2 6302-0094 6302-1094 6302-2094 6302-4094
0-50,000ppm CO2 6302-0095 6302-1095 6302-2095 6302-4095

For further technical information visit the MGS-400 series gas detection page.

Technical Specifications

Installation Multiple cable entries, Daisy-chain power and communications, Separate "in and out" wiring terminals
Performance EN 378 Safety Compliance and ASHRAE 15 Safety Compliance
Fast response time w/flush mount sensors
Wide operating range: -40C to +50C, temperature compensation for accurate readings
Maintenance Pre-calibrated sensor modules. Semi-automatic manual calubration
Diagnostics Fault code reporting, "Calibration Due" indicator, Sensor exposure counter
Status Indicator Tri-color LED (green, red, orange)
Buzzer 72dB @ 10 cm
Ambient Conditions Humidity: 5 to 90% RH, non-condensing, Pressure: 23.6 to 32.5 inch Hg / 800 to 1,100 mbar
Other gases and ranges NH3: 100 / 1,000 / 5,000 ppm / 100% LEL, O2: 30 Vol%, Combustible Gases - Semiconductor (R-290, R-600, CH
4, R-600a, HC-12a, R-717): 5,000 ppm, Combustible Gases - Catalytics (R-600, CH4, R-290, NH3):  100% LEL, NO2: 20ppm

MGS-400 Series System Controllers

The MGS-400 Series System Controllers

The MGS-402 provides Modbus master and slave devices along with both integrated horn and strobe. The MGS-408 also has Modbus master and slave devices along with integrated horn. Sensors in a system can be daisy-chained for up to 4500 feet.


MGS-402 Gas Controller

MGS-408 Gas Controller

Features MGS-402 MGS-408
Channels 2 8
Relays 3 3
Analog Outputs 2 -
Modbus RTU Master (sensors)
Slave (BAS)
Master (sensors)
Slave (BAS)
Integrated Horn Yes Yes
Integrated Strobe Yes Optional
Beacon Output 2 1
Remote Silence Input 1 -
Sensor Inputs MGS-410 MGS-410, 450, 460, 550
Power 120-240VAC

For further information, visit the Bacharach MGS-400 series gas detector controllers page.

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