It is our responsibility to be transparent about the data we collect in each of our Applications. For information about how we use the data we collect, please see our Privacy Policy.

Below you will find a table that outlines this information:

Data CollectedApplicationsDescription
Gas Detector Sensor ReadingsMGS-400 Mobile AppYour instrument collects and stores sensor readings, which is then uploaded to Bacharch, Inc. Applications. Sensor readings may include date and time information, sensor type, setpoints, exposure readings and information regarding the overall health of the sensor.
Gas Detector SettingsMGS-400 Mobile AppIf you change settings like instrument name, setpoints or other configuration options on your instrument, that information is stored within the instrument and then uploaded to Bacharach, Inc. Applications.
Gas Detector UsageMGS-400 Mobile AppEvery time your instrument is used, it records information about the usage and performance of the instrument (e.g., the time and duration of instrument use). This information is uploaded to Bacharach, Inc. Applications.
Installed Location informationMGS-400 Mobile AppFor new instruments, you will be asked to manually enter installation details. This data is optional and may be processed or combined with data from other applications to enhance features.
Personal and Customer informationMGS-400 Mobile AppYour account allows you to provide certain basic profile information like your name. Your name may be shown to others in connection with the Services. In addition, if you download any Bacharach, Inc. Mobile App, we may collect and store your mobile device identifiers (such as IDFA, AAID, or other device identifiers).
If you provide an email address, it is used for communications from Bacharach, Inc.
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