PCA® 2

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Affordable, State of the Art Portable Combustion Analyzer

Fyrite® Tech - Residential Combustion Gas Analyzers

The PCA®2 is a commercial grade, handheld combustion and emissions analyzer for sampling of light industrial, institutional, commercial and residential furnaces, boilers and appliances. The PCA®2 is the perfect tool for service technicians and boiler contractors who need to ensure safe operating conditions, determine combustion efficiency, or perform emissions testing in combustion applications.

The PCA®2 directly measures and displays flue gas Oxygen (O2), Carbon Monoxide (CO), Stack Temperature, Draft, Differential Pressure, Combustion Air Temperature and optionally measures and displays Nitric Oxide (NO), Nitrogen Dioxide (NO2) and Sulfur Dioxide (SO2). Simultaneously, the PCA®2 calculates and displays combustion efficiency (EFF), Excess Air (EA), Carbon Dioxide (CO2), NOx and Oxygen reference values. The PCA®2 performs combustion calculations for ten fuels including, Natural Gas, Oil #2, Oil #4, Oil #6, Propane, Coal, Wood, Kerosene, Bagasse and Digester Gas. The large backlit graphic displays shows eight different measurements and calculated values simultaneously, and also has zoom capabilities.

Features & Benefits

  • Smart Sensors
    • Field replaceable
    • Pre calibrated
    • Easy access
    • Quick and accurate response
  • Measures 4 Gases Simultaneously
    • Standard - O2, CO-H2
    • Optional - CO (high), NO, NO2 & SO2
  • Automatic CO Overrange Protection
  • Versatile Power Management
    • Disposable batteries
    • Rechargeable batteries
    • Optional universal power supply
  • Graphic Display
    • 160 x 160 graphic liquid crystal display
    • Easy to read
    • Backlit
    • Zoom

PCA® 2 Reporting Package:

  • 2 Gases (CO and O2) - Part No. 24-8370
  • 4 Gases (CO, O2, NO, NO2,) - Part No. 24-8374
  • 4 Gases (CO, O2, NO, SO2,) - Part No. 24-8375
    • All reporting packages come with printer USB cable and software





Measurement RangesPrimary/Ambient Air Temperature-4° to 999°F
Stack Temperature-4° to 2192°F
Oxygen0 to 20.9%
Carbon Monoxide (H2 comp)0 to 4,000 ppm
Carbon Monoxide, high range4,001 to 20,000 ppm
Nitric Oxide0 to 3,000 ppm
Nitrogen Dioxide0 to 500 ppm
Sulfur Dioxide0 to 5,000 ppm
Pressure/Draft-72 to +72 inwc
Calculated RangesCombustion Efficiency0.1 to 100%
Excess Air1.0 to 250%
Carbon Dioxide (dry basis)0 to fuel dependent maximum
NOx (NOx = NO + NO2)0 to 3,500 ppm
NOx referenced to % O20 to 9,999 ppm
CO referenced to % O20 to 9,999 ppm
NO referenced to % O20 to 9,999 ppm
NO2 referenced to % O20 to 9,999 ppm
SO2 referenced to % O20 to 9,999 ppm
AccuracyOxygen± 0.3% O2 (on flue gas)
Stack or Flue Gas Temperature± 4°F between 32 and 255°F
(± 2°C between 0 and 124°C)
± 6°F between 257 and 480°F
(± 3°C between 125 and 249°C)
± 8°F between 482 and 752°F
(± 4°C between 250 and 400°C)
Primary-air/Ambient Temperature± 2°F between 32 and 212°F
(± 1°C between 0 and 100°C)
Pressure/Draft± 2% reading or 0.02 inwc whichever is greater between 0 and ± 10 inwc
± 3% of reading between ± 10 and ± 72 inwc
CO± 5% of reading or ± 10 ppm whichever is greater between 0-2000 ppm CO
± 10% of reading between 2001 to 20,000 ppm
NO± 5% of reading or ± 5 ppm whichever is greater between 0-2000 ppm NO
NO2± 5% of reading or ± 5 ppm whichever is greater between 0-500 ppm NO2
SO2± 5% of reading or ± 10 ppm whichever is greater between 0-2000 ppm SO2

Specifications: (continued)

Memory500 complete combustion test records
Logged Memory500 complete logged combustion test records
Selectable FuelsNatural Gas, Oil #2, Oil #4, Oil #6, Propane, Coal, Wood, Kerosene, Bagasse and Digester Gas
Size9"H x 3"W x 2.5" (22.9 cm x 7.6 cm x 6.3 cm)
Weight1.4 lbs (0.6 kg)
Power SourceFour disposable AA alkaline batteries or NiMH rechargeable batteries providing 10 hours of continuous operation. Optional AC power adapter
Display160 x 160 (2.5 in x 2.5 in) Graphic Liquid Crystal Display
Warm Up Time60 second total warm up time (sensors are checked and autozeroed during warm up)

Ordering Information

Model NumberPart NumberSensor 1Sensor 2Sensor 3Sensor 4Printer
PCA 2 225 24-8350O2CO
PCA 2 235 24-8351O2CONO
PCA 2 245 24-8352O2COCO (high)
PCA 2 255 24-8353O2COSO2
PCA 2 265 24-8354O2CONONO2
PCA 2 275 24-8355O2CONOSO2
PCA 2 225 Kit 24-8370O2COX
PCA 2 235 Kit 24-8371O2CONOX
PCA 2 245 Kit 24-8372O2COCO (high)X
PCA 2 255 Kit 24-8373O2COSO2X
PCA 2 265 Kit 24-8374O2CONONO2X
PCA 2 275 Kit 24-8375O2CONOSO2X

Instrument Comes Complete With: Hard Carry Case, Probe and Hose Assembly, Factory Calibrated and Installed Sensors, Instruction Manual, Batteries, USB Cable, PC Software and a 2-Year Warranty.

All instruments can be upgraded to include combinations of CO(high), NO, NO2 and SO2.

Replacement Parts & Accessories

Part NumberDescription
24-0788Replacement O2 sensor
24-0789Replacement CO sensor
24-0881Replacement NO sensor
24-0997Replacement CO sensor (high range)
24-0998Replacement SO2 sensor
24-1027Replacement NO2 sensor
24-1395Smart sensor, CO
24-1397Smart sensor, CO (high range)
24-1398Smart sensor, SO2
24-1399Smart sensor, NO2
24-1401Smart sensor, NO
204-0020Battery, NO bias battery
24-7059Calibration kit (less calibration gas)
24-1400IrDA Printer with disposable batteries
24-1310Printer paper, 5 rolls
06-8733Printer paper, 1 roll
24-3004Probe assembly
19-3265Replacement water trap assembly
07-1644Replacement filter element (pkg of 3)
24-8414Replacement thermocouple, 12 inch
19-3037Probe stop
24-1124Extended hose assembly, 20 ft.
104-1797Thermocouple, 10 ft. (combustion air temp.)
104-1798Thermocouple, 1 in. (ambient air temp.)
24-1409Protective rubber boot
24-1404AC power adapter
104-4032USB cable
24-1425PCA2 Data Recovery Software
21-7006Tru Spot Smoke Tester