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Flue Gas Sample Conditioner

Moisture Removal for Comprehensive and Accurate Measurements

Since NO2 and SO2 are absorbed by water, effective moisture removal from the flue-gas sample is of primary importance when obtaining accurate and comprehensive data, especially for emissions testing.

Used in conjunction with the ECA 450, the Flue-Gas Sample Conditioning System functions to remove water vapor from the flue-gas sample, thus preventing the formation of water droplets inside the probe hose. If water droplets were to form, a portion of the gas sample could be absorbed by the water, thus resulting in lower-than-actual NO2 and SO2 readings.

Water vapor is removed by passing the gas sample through a Peltier Cooler where the sample is chilled, causing the water vapor to condense. The water is then pumped out of the cooler and into a water trap.

Features & Benefits

  • Compact conditioner/probe assembly design
  • Peltier cooler to remove water from sample
  • Built-in filter section
  • Condensate pump
  • 12" probe tube length with probe stop cone (standard)
  • 15’ hose length with sample draft & temperature lines
  • Maximum operating temperature of 1472°F (800 °C)
  • Optional probe tube lengths available, up to 39"

Ordering Information

Part NumberDescription
24-7224Compact sample conditioner/probe assembly. Includes Peltier chiller/probe assembly, built-in filter, condensate pump, and 15 ft hose assembly
24-11837" (180 mm) Optional Probe Tube
24-118519.5" (500 mm) Optional Probe Tube
24-118639" (1000 mm) Optional Probe Tube