Draft Gauges

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Draft Gauge

These dependable, service-free draft gauges are small, inexpensive and easy to use. Both the MZF Draft Gauge and the Draftrite® pocket gauge can be utilized by contractors and service technicians for determining draft pressure problems in commercial and residential settings.

Draftrite Pocket Gauge

This pocket size instrument is conveniently held in one hand when being used, making it extremely suitable for heating contractors and service technicians. The free-floating pointer indicates sudden changes from draft to pressure caused by “puffbacks”. Suitable for checking flue pipe, chimney, fire box, smoke hood, smoke pipe draft, draft regulator, oil burner firing rate, and basement ventilation.

Ordering Information

Ordering Information

Part NumberRange
13-3000+0.10 to 0 to -0.14" W
13-3001+0.05 to 0 to -0.25" W
13-3002+2.5 to 0 to -3.5 mm W
13-5010Draftrite® Tube Set

Note: All models supplied with two sections of draft tube and leatherette case 0013-0003.

MZF Draft Gauge

The highly sensitive MZF Draft Gauge requires no liquid or tedious leveling; this dry type instrument is always ready for immediate use. The pointer's movement over scale is in direct proportion to the magnitude of the draft at the test point. Ideal for residential, commercial and industrial heating plants; to measure furnace draft and pressure drop across air filters.

Ordering Information

Part NumberRange
13-7019+0.05 to 0 to -0.25" W

Note: All models are supplied with a 5-inch draft tube and 9’ of rubber tubing.